The Gaskell Society

In addition to The Gaskell Society Journal members of the society also receive free of charge, the biannual Newsletter, which gives full information about its programme, including Manchester, Knutsford, London, and the South West Region meetings, and a wide range of events through the year.

Enquiries about the Gaskell Society should be directed to the Membership Secretary

Christine Lingard
5 Moran Crescent, Macclesfield, Cheshire SK11 8JJ
Telephone 01625 611517

Modest annual subscription.
The Gaskell Society Journal free.
The Gaskell Society Newsletter free with up to date
information about events.
Web page, home page, e-mail correspondence page and
Gaskell’s writings on the web.
Biennial conference in Britain.
Visits to places associated with Mrs Gaskell in Britain
and in Europe
Annual General Meeting in Manchester in the spring with a
lunch and entertainment.
Autumn general meeting in Knutsford.
Programmes of lectures, study sessions and visits,
by our various branches.
Publications with stock of specialist books at major meetings and available by post.

The Gaskell Society Journal, published annually with scholarly articles on all aspects of Gaskell studies; the Newsletter is published twice a year.

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Gaskell by Samuel Lawrence, 1854
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